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Thinking about a bartender career? Want assistance and counselling for employment in the hospitality industry? Or just looking for new friends and lots of fun and benefits?

By enrolling you become part of the most active bartenders and waiters organization in Croatia. We operate throughout the country and collaborate with caterers, hotel companies, and with firms in organising events and parties, a variety of meetings and travel. But all of this is meaningless without you because caterers need staff – and you want a career, and parties need fun and attractive bartenders and staff. You will gain many friendships and business contacts in Croatia and abroad, since we work with a number of states.

For all this there is the Association of Croatian waiters and bartenders, and we are here if you need advice, training, employment assistance or legal aid.

We invite all interested to join the bartenders school and the Association (annual membership fee is 250 kn); as the biggest advantage among the large range of benefits for the members one should note the assistance in employment!