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Seminars are a smart thing, you just have to listen to them.. We offer a wide range of seminars that can be organized in your company!

In addition to seminars and training programs for companies, we offer one-day seminars on various topics in the premises of the Association of Croatian waiters and bartenders for all interested and looking for additional knowledge. As they say, a man learns while he is alive, so why not learn at a comfortable and fun atmosphere and an occasional cocktail.
For each course in the coming season 2018./2019., below we enclose all the necessary information, it is up to you to just decide which topics you are interested in, and sign up for a day of education and entertainment with the team 🙂

  1. Basic training on knowledge of drinks in the bar
  2. Practical lessons of cocktail making by existing cocktail cards
  3. Practical classes of making a new (innovative) cocktail card
  4. Coffee
  5. Cocktails based on coffee
  6. Decorating and learning about the importance of decorating each special cocktail
  7. Free style
  8. Wellness cocktails
  9. F & B capabilities – Up selling activities
  10. Controlling
  11. Inventory controlling and determining prices
  12. Sales and Marketing
  13. Mini Training Package (hobby bartender + short coffee training (the initial level) + f & b capabilities – up selling activities)