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Latte Art

Latte art is also known as “Coffee Art”, “Barista Art” or “Coffee Design”. It is the art of creating various forms with heated milk on the surface of espresso.

Latte art has evolved simultaneously in several countries, but it is a general belief that this story began in Italy. In America, Latte art developed mostly in Seattle in the 1980s. It was later on popularized by David Schomer who developed the technique of preparing micro-foam. The most recognizable symbol of his bar Espresso Vivace was a heart made of milky foam on top of coffee.

If you want to create a coffee that is „a work of art in a cup“, all you need to do is to sign up for this course. Join us in Rijeka.

To attend Latte Art course, it is necessary to have experience in coffee making and milk preparation or to have finished a Barista school.

The course takes place in the centre of Rijeka, in the premises of the Croatian Waiters and Bartenders Association – Ciottina 19/1
It is possible to arrange the Latte Art course in other locations with adequate preparation.

The course lasts for 5 hours, held in one day.

The number of participants is limited. We retain the right to cancel or change terms of the bartending school if there is not a sufficient number of interested parties.


Latte art course – 760.00 kn + VAT