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Hobby bartender

Hobby bamen jednodnevni tečaj

A fast, easy and convenient course will delight all students, encourage their imagination and bring creativity and innovation into their lives. You’ll never serve drinks in the same way.

The Croatian Waiters and Bartender Association brings the ideal opportunity for those who want to master the basics of cocktail making to impress friends at gatherings. The one-day seminar Hobby bartender gives you just that: a small package of knowledge about cocktails and their preparation.

The Hobby bartender seminar is not only ideal for those who want to master just the basics of cocktail making, but also for those who are not sure wether they should enter the bartending world. This is an ideal opportunity for you to familiarize yourselves with the work of our coaches and our bartending school. If you decide to go to bartending school after finishing Hobby bartender, we will decrease the price of the bartending school for the price of the Hobby barmen seminar.

The Hobby bartender is the ideal creative gift for someone you think can’t be surprised. Why not give someone the knowledge about basic cocktail drinks and the preparation of cocktails as a gift?

Venues: In the centre of Rijeka, in the premises of the Association, Ciottina 19/1.

Duration: one day, 4 hours.

Price: The price of the seminar is 799,00 kn + VAT