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Zoran Lukić

Founder and President of the Association, main lecturer

He founded the Croatian Waiters and Bartender Association in 2003 with a great desire to raise the quality of hospitality and tourism in Croatia. With continuing education and training, he led the standard courses to an international level.
He participated in numerous national, international and world competitions. Since 2008, he organized many national and international competitions for bartenders in Croatia.
Because of the international level of education at the school he leads, hotels and restaurants are beginning to recognize the quality of the bartenders coming from the Association and the demand for them increased.

The gradual standardization of the bartender occupation pushed him to create additional training, and after successfully completing the master’s degree at the Faculty of Management in Hospitality and Tourism in Opatija, he additionally completed a training program as Specialist for work safety.
With further development, he finished the training for various brands, and some of them are: Bols liqueur and cocktail training, Brugal, Famous Grouse, Jack Daniel’s Jeff Arnett Master Distiller, Macallan, Remy Martin, Finlandia, Metaxa, Southern Comfort, Cointreau, Havana Club master class, Hennessy, Ballantine’s, Chivas, Ramazzotti, De Kuyper liqueur, Wiborowa, Champagne and sparkling wines (Moet & Hennessy group and Vivat and partners), Graham’s Porto, Beer training Grolsch brewery, Illy coffee and latte art, and many others …. He is eager to absorb new knowledge which is why he is always ready to respond to training.

Since 2007, he became the president of the company Scorpio Ltd. which deals with consulting for restaurants turnkey and selling commercial bar equipment for catering as well as professional equipment for bartenders and baristas.
In 2009, he became BOLS brand manager in Croatia (the world’s leading liqueurs for cocktails), and since 2010 he became an authorized WFA ambassador in Croatia.

In 2016. he went to BOLS academy and finished courses for Advanced bartending, Master bartender and International Barmanagement.

He proved his knowledge and experience in all the aspects of hospitality as director for drinks for Suncani Hvar d.d. with excellent results.

His practical and theoretical knowledge was recognized by many newspapers for which he has written many articles as a collaborator in the field of hospitality business. Some of the magazines were HRB (Hotels, restaurants, bars), Tourism Info, Insider, and Gloria IN, Weddings Magazine, Teklic, Novi list, Professional and many others.

His many years of experience in a direct work with people as well as the constant work on personal and professional skills and knowledge, contribute to his quality and credibility as a lecturer in the the Association and trainings with partners.


Marko Jovanović

Main mentor and coach for the Bartending school

He is the head coach and mentor for the Bartending school, Classic bartending coach and specialist for Cocktail Catering.
Since 2010 he shares his knowledge with all the participants of the Bartending school as a mentor whose specialty includes the knowledge about basic drinks likes Gin, Rum, Whiskey and Vodka.
In addition to his lectures at the Bartending school, he continually attends further education and monitors the latest trends. Some of his completed education and trainings are: Havana Master Class, Absolut Vodka, Ballantine’s – 4 corners of Scoland, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, De Kuyper, Smirnoff, Monin, Freixenet and many others. Because of this education, he leads workshops for Coca-Cola HBC, cocktail card making and cocktail manufacturing, as well as education about brands for the Hennessy group.
As a young and bartending entrepreneur, he opened a company for the organisation of events and wholesale of drinks in 2010. He also started the trend of cocktail catering in Croatia. A year later, he enrolled in an additional specialisation course for independent business owners in Callegari, verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.


Sergej Dedić

Main barista coach

He found his love and passion for coffee after gaining his education as a barmen in the Assocation in 2010, even thought he entered the catering world as a waiter.

He began his education for baristas in the individual course with the authorized SCAE coach Domagoj Trusi
, and continued to educate himself at the renowned London School of Coffee in 2014.
He is the founder and chief mentor of the Barista course within the Association, and while conducting it, he also assists in the education of bartenders in the discipline – coffee and cocktails based on coffee.



Siniša Novković

Main Flair coach

He became interested in flair in 2007 when Zoran Luki
represented the work of the Association and showed his skills in a bar in Slavonski Brod where Siniša was employed. The following year, he enrolled the Bartending school and started with his career.
He progressed from waiter to main flair bartender of the Association through the education for bartenders in the Association and continuous training, competitions and specialisation. He is the only Croatian bartender who is a part of the world WFA ranking among the best bartenders of the world. During summer season, he can also be found fulfilling the positions of manager bartender / top bartender in the most attractive cocktail bars / Croatian clubs.


Luka Panović

Barista coach

He became the coach for baristas in the Croatian Waiters and Bartenders Association in 2016 but he became a valuable member of the team in 2015 when he successfully finished the Barista school in Rijeka led by Sergei Dedic. Before conducting the education, Luka found his love for coffee during his many years of experience in the hospitality industry. He owns a catering facility in Rijeka and he constantly upgrades his offer and knowledge.
He participated in numerous Latte art and barista competitions and he passes his experience to his students with joy. He leads the Barista school with Sergej where he passes on his love for coffee to his students in the Croatian Waiters and Bartenders Association.

Antonio Švob

Latte Art Trainer

After finishing the school that gave him the title of hotel and – tourism technician, he continued to work in the hospitality industry and to build his experience. He showed his interested in understanding and preparing coffee and latte art art, and joined the team of in 2016 as a Latte art coach under the supervision of Sergei Dedic, where he perfected his skills, attended and successfully completed the Barista school.
He regularly participates in numerous Croatian competitions for Latte art.