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Cocktail Catering


The best cocktail catering makes for a glorious play of colours, rich flavours, animation and show.

Dear cocktail lovers,

The Croatian Waiter and Bartender Association is at your service to recommend the best companies which use our professional bartenders, nearest to your city. Please feel free to contact us because you wouldn’t want your event to be remembered by incompetent bartenders, or even worse, by bad cocktails.

We will present you a new and unique cocktail catering experience.

Many years of successful work in the hospitality business and participation in numerous events are the evidence of quality and efficiency our bartenders provide. Basic features of our work are experience, quality staff, modern equipment andbeautiful presentation. We follow world trends in modern bartending and create new cocktails. Our innovation guarantees cocktails designed so your company stands out in the market, as well as the preparation of world famous cocktails and various beverages which awakes the feeling of pleasure in guests. Our bartenders approach to each client is individual, taking into account your ideas so we can develop and realize them to mutual satisfaction. To us customer satisfactionbecomes motivation to constantly keepimproving our skills and creativity. The very definition of cocktails which indicates that it is a mixture of two or more drinks, gives you access to a wide and diverse range of cocktails that our professionals can prepare for you.

Quote from one of the directors of a companyexperienced in cocktail making:

Thanks to our long experience working alongside other venues and service providers, without who we couldn’t stand out in the market, we are able to provide you with an array of services alongside cocktail catering so that your celebration is care free and our cooperation long lasting. We would especially like to point out our ability to organize events on sea, for the guest who don’t want to leave the comfort of their boats and yachts.”

With years of experience behind our bartenders, as well as the companies they ran or worked for, they can help you organize banquets, seminars, promotions, garden parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties, live gigs, various anniversaries business meetings, office parties, weddings, birthdays and more.

Proof that cocktails are a great way of presenting new products, press conferences, ceremonies and various events are our current sponsors and collaborator. Some which are:

Office of the President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić, who we worked with for 6 years

  • Grad Rijeka
  • Hrvatskonarodnokazalište Ivana pl. Zajca
  • Porsche
  • Seat
  • Renault
  • Red Bull Adria
  • Pernod Ricard
  • ATP Umag
  • Novi Classics
  • Miss Universe
  • Adriatic distillers
  • MojaIstra
  • PromohotelPoreč
  • Alpe Adria teniskiturniri
  • Novi classics – sportskiturniri
  • FMTU fakultet
  • Raznibrodovi
  • Hartera
  • Villa Feniks
  • Istravino – Krauterpelin
  • Konzum
  • Shoe-bee-doo
  • VTC
  • Udruge Smart, Homer, Sv. Lucija…
  • Auto Show
  • FINM
  • And many others…