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About us

The Croatian Waiters and Bartenders Association was founded in Rijeka on 28th of April, 2003. The main activities of the association are: professional training for bartenders, barista, bar managers, consulting business of the entire food and beverage department, training of staff in the hotel bars and restaurants, participation in the organization of events, and the organization of bartending competitions – national and international.

The main activity between these activities is the Bartending School. With bartending school, our students get a diploma, and even more important – knowledge and experience. The specificity of our bartending school is that it takes place in small groups because the emphasis is put on the individual and his development. With a base of almost 400 different beverages from around the world, we make all the cocktails that we mention and organize practical experience of working in a bar. The program of our bartending school consists of theory (about the creation of cocktails, the basic legal standards for the hospitality industry, manufacturing strength, management and theory of all basic drinks), preparing strong drinks like gin, and flair bartending. After finishing school, all participants receive a diploma and employment opportunities depending on the level of assessment of teaching and practice. The association boasts the recruitment of trainees who completed the training and were evaluated with a minimum average grade.

The very fact that we have trained over 500 bartenders, baristas, F&B managers, bar managers and waiters in 13 years, and most of them are still active in hospitality locations from Dubrovnik to Umag, indicates the quality and effectiveness of our bartending school. We have also earned the trust from many bars and hospitality objects along the Croatian coast and even outside of the borders of Croatia.

The association has also participated in many events in Croatia and on few occasions had the honour to work for the former President of Croatia – Stjepan Mesi, for the City of Rijeka, hotel chains (Maistra, Sunani Hvar, Laguna Novigrad …), many representatives of leading brands (Coca-Cola, Mohor trade, Badel 1862, Pernod Ricard, G3 Spirits, …), more than 50 national and international competitions (where we have achieved remarkable results), and a large number of business and residential customers.

The plan is to develop a new and high-quality program that will enable us to remain a leader in the education throughout the country in cooperation with the catering network. By doing so, we want to keep the high level of service that we offer to tourists during summer season as well as having the goal to become the standard in the hospitality of Croatia.

Although the association is aimed especially at bartenders, waiters and owners of restaurants, a physically and legally capable person interested in our work can become a member of the association. The benefits of the membership are the same.