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Make your beer the same way as in the Czech Republic

Proizvodnja češkog piva

Beer production has more than a hundred-year-old tradition in the heart of Europe. Most foreign visitors to the Czech Republic consider tasting real Czech draft beer to be the great experience or the main reason for their trip. Typical Czech lager is produced in a traditional way that is different from the practices common in other countries.

Czech beer

The most typical beer in Czech breweries is a Pilsen lager. Its production requires not only use true Czech hops and Moravian malt, but also special production technology and keeping of traditional recipe.

For Czech beer, it is typical slow way of the primary fermentation in open fermenting vats using special yeast, and especially a very long beer maturation time that takes place in so-called lager pressure fermentors in the brewery cellar.

Primary main beer fermentation in open vats allows continuous manual collection of foam on the surface of the fermenting wort (so-called blankets). Thanks to this, the dead yeast does not give the beer undesirable tastes that do not belong to good beer.

Long-lasting secondary fermentation in pressure vessels at very low temperatures allows natural saturation of the beer with carbon dioxide and gives the beer the resulting rich taste.

In order for the beer to taste as in the Czech brewery, it is also necessary to have a quality tap equipment, clean pipes and a waiter with the experience of beer dosing into clean glass.

All Czech beer production equipment is traditionally produced and offered by the Czech Brewery System company:

1. Wort brew system – The wort brew system includes all equipment needed to boiling of wort before the beer fermentation process.

  • Brewhouses
  • Malt mills
  • Steam generators
  • Wort coolers
  • Water tanks

Wort brew system

2. Beer fermentation system – The beer fermentation system includes the beer production tanks and all equipment needed for the beer fermentation process.

  • Conical beer fermentors
  • Cylindrical beer fermentors
  • Open beer fermentors
  • Pressure beer tanks
  • Yeast processing equipment


Beer fermentation system


3. Beer conditioning system – The beer conditioning system includes all equipment for extraction hops into beer, filtration, pasteurization, carbonization of beer and other conditioning beer – the final beer processing.

  • Beer conditioning tanks
  • Hops extraction equipment
  • Beer carbonization equipment
  • Beer filtration equipment
  • Beer pasteurization equipment

Beer conditioning system

4. Beer filling system – The beer filling system includes all equipment for cleaning packages and isobaric filling beer into sale packages like kegs, bottles, PET bottles, Petainers, cans, bag-in-box. Also machines for the packing beer before sale, labelling of bottles, capping of bottles are in this category.

  • Filling beer into kegs
  • Filling beer into bottles
  • Filling beer into cans
  • Rinsing, capping, labelling of kegs and bottles

Beer filling system

5. Support system – The support system in breweries includes equipment needed for maintenance operations in the brewery, cooling and heating systems, control systems, measuring, cleaning and sanitizing, gas systems and other support systems in breweries.

  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Measuring & Controll
  • CIP sanitation units
  • Dispenzing equipment
  • Nitrogen equipment

Support system

Here you can find contacts for Czech brewery system:

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e-mail : [email protected]
tel. +420-735-176-071 / +420-732-217-950 
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